About Usp

Move down the Rate Curve

  • Ours is a dynamic organization located in South India – with sourcing services offered pan India
  • Our primary business activity is sourcing of engineering components from India for international buyers
  • USP would act as a remote local office for buyers to conduct their activities with various suppliers in India

With increased cost of manufacturing in the developed countries and standardized engineering at global level, it is more and more interesting to source from low cost countries with high level of engineering like India.

Our Services – PAN India

India is such a diverse country, not only in terms of people, culture, terrain, climate, food, language, appearance but also for industrialization. North East West South - each region has its own production / knowledge / resource / specialization and business nature. Knowing this and applying it practically in operations has made us successful in sourcing PAN India.


Ofcourse, there remains the classical problems of identifying the most fitting suppliers, working with a totally different culture, typical communication issues, cost / time of traveling or sending the team to supplier destination to get the actual situation on the ground.


We, at Unique Source Point (USP), are providing services exactly to fill in these gaps and to ease your sourcing experience. Our main motto is to reduce the cost of sourcing with increased effectiveness.

How do we do it?